Montreal by Night - Episode 43

As promised, we take a long, long look at the Black Dog book, Montreal by Night. One of our favorites, this book chronicles the spiritual stronghold of the Sabbat in North America, and the demonic forces that twist the "City of Dark Miracles." 

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Montreal by Night
Written by: Phillipe Boulle, Joshua Mosquiera-Asheim and Lucien Soulban
November 1st, 1997

City of One Thousand Steeples
Welcome to Montreal, unhallowed shrine of our most glorious Sabbat. Oui, we're so glad you came. Walk our catacombs in search of blasphemous knowledge. Enjoy all manner of titillating diversions with our deliciously putrescent "Toy". And forget that language-barrier nonsense; we'd be delighted to hear you scream for mercy in English or French.

City of Black Miracles
Montreal by Night is the latest in the series of "by Night" books for Vampire: The Masquerade. However, this book is unique because it's also the next in the Black Dog series. Montreal belongs to the Sabbat! We just couldn't do justice to the enemies of the Camarilla in any other way. So head north if you dare... and don't eat the red snow.