Time of Thin Blood - Episode 47

In this episode, we discuss Time of Thin Blood - A sourcebook ratcheting up the meta-plot Final Nights, as it moves inexorably towards the fabled Ghenna. This book introduces details on the 14th and previously unknown 15th generations of kindred, as well as rules for the Dhampir; the half-vampire half-human offspring of the thin-blooded kindred. 

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Time of Thin Blood
Written by: Dean Shomshak and Sarah Roark

When the Blood of Caine Will Be Weak
The Curse of Caine has existed for so long, it has finally begun to weaken. Elders' blood, passed from one childe to the next for generations, no longer holds the potency it once had. Too many childer have been Embraced in the Final Nights - and reckoning must come for these illegitimate vampires. If it does not, the world may end.

Gehenna will soon be upon you
The Time of Thin Blood allows players to portray the hunted childer of high-generation vampires. In addition, the Final Nights are upon us, and this book offers Storytellers a glimpse at one of the first events in the unfolding Gehenna. Rich in story and character content, the Time of Thin Blood is the first step toward the world's ultimate demise... or salvation.