Vampire Storytellers Handbook - Episode 52

In this episode, we converse about the Revised Edition Storytellers Handbook. Spoiler alert: we dig it a lot! This book contains material to help storytellers iron out their worlds, story-tell in the World of Darkness, as well as, strategies for every kind of road block they might face. This is a truly invaluable tool for anyone running a game in the Classic World of Darkness. 

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Vampire Storytellers Handbook
January 2nd, 2000
Written by: 
Bruce Baugh, Anne Sullivan Braidwood, Deird're Brooks, Geoffrey C. Grabowski, Clayton Oliver and Sven Skoog
The Final Nights Hide a Million Stories
From the hidden horrors of the Camarilla to the naked fiendishness of the Sabbat, vampires play at the eternal Jyhad. Elders, ancillae, neonates, and... others... prowl the nights. Only one individual knows all the secrets of the World of Darkness.

And They Must All Be Told
The role of the Storyteller is a daunting one, and this book is an invaluable aid for those who orchestrate Vampire chronicles. It includes a myriad of information, including enigmas best left out of players' hands, to create stories and populate the casts of epic tales. The Vampire Storytellers Handbook revised edition leaves no stone unturned — except those that hide secrets no mortal should know.