The Book of Nod - Episode 20

Hello all. Welcome back to the podcast! In this episode, we discuss and review the 1993 release, "The Book of Nod". This particular book is a little bit different than the previous books we've reviewed, both in content and layout. This book is more of an in-game prop than a rule book, and is printed in a size more consistent with White Wolf's Mind's Eye Theater line of Live-Action Role Playing books. 
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The Book of Nod, 1993
Written by: Sam Chupp, Andrew Greenberg

From White Wolf Wiki:
The Book of Nod is a collection of texts that are viewed as sacred by Noddist scholars and most Elders, especially of the Sabbat. This book is designed to be setting material only, avoiding any game mechanics, to serve as a prop for Vampire: The Masquerade or Mind's Eye Theatre: the Masquerade chronicles.

The contents of the Book of Nod is divided into three major sections: "The Chronicle of Caine", "The Chronicle of Shadows", and "The Chronicle of Secrets". The first section is the "History of vampires", giving insights to how Caine became cursed, his encounters, and the founding of the thirteen vampire clans. The second section, Shadows, are the "Laws of vampires", providing commandments that Caine dictates to the Kindred, as well as each clans' expectations. The final section, Secrets, is the "Prophetic word for vampires", declaring the coming of Gehenna that Noddist activists preach.