Clanbook: Toreador - Episode 24

In this episode, we had a bit of a false start We "recorded" about 40 minutes worth of podcast before we found out we weren't recording. That was a thing. Anyways, we review Book of the Damned for a short period and then we review Clanbook: Toreador. 

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Book of the Damned is a supplement for Vampire: The Masquerade detailing the politics, secrets, and intrigue of the clans of the Kindred. Most, but not all, of its content is reprinted from the Vampire: The Masquerade Second Edition Rulebook, adjusted to fit the Mind's Eye Theatre publishing format.

A Beast I Am, Lest a Beast I Become

"The need comes upon me, a tide of lust and craving that I cannot resist. Like a tree against the storm, I will not bend, but eventually I will break. I may contain my desire for week upon week, allowing the agony to mount, but eventually I can resist no more and I must kill again..."

The Children of Caine

Vampires have existed among us for centuries. Their feuds have ignited wars and inquisitions. Their unlives are pageants of rich excess, while their perversions are sources of unspeakable horror. They are the spawn of Caine, the First, the one forever damned. Now learn the secrets of these immortals and the origins of their ancient enmities. Prepare yourself for a shocking journey into the depths of damnation. This volume describes, in detail, the undead rulers of the World of Darkness, and their twisted society.


Click here to purchase via DriveThruRPG! 

Click here to purchase via DriveThruRPG! 

Clanbook: Toreador
Written by: Steven C. Brown

Potentially the mightiest of the vampire clans, Toreador is also the most divided clan, paralyzed by bitter infighting. For millennia, their world-shaking battles within the clan have been just as intense as their relentless struggles against other Kindred. No other clan has had such an effect on the world of mortals. No other clan can match the effect of the Toreador.