Berlin by Night - Episode 22

In this, our 22nd episode, we journey to the recently reunited city of Berlin. Released in 1993, this book takes place shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Two Princes struggle nightly for control of territory, while the kindred population walk a fine line between two vengeful elders. 

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This book... Well, I'll let you listen to our review.

Click the photo to purchase via our affiliate program @ Drivethru RPG! 

Click the photo to purchase via our affiliate program @ Drivethru RPG! 

Berlin by Night, 1993
Written by: James A. Moore

Divided We Fall...
What do the Kindred fear more than the prince of a city? When a city has two princes...and they're at war. Then, every battle takes on new meaning. Every argument has a sinister purpose. Every decision risks offending one of the mighty rulers. Every decision may be the last, fatal one.

United We Die!
Such is Berlin. Ages-old capital of the German Empire. Center of the Third Reich. Battleground between East and West, torn by their globe-spanning war. Now the Soviet Brujah who once ruled East Berlin have disappeared, and the magical barriers between the two sides have fallen. The time of reunification is here. The time of destruction is at hand.