Los Angeles by Night - Episode 29

In this episode, we talk about Los Angeles in the World of Darkness. Journey with us to the Anarch Free-States. Also, be sure to check us out at all the other places we hang out: 

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Los Angeles by Night
July 16, 1994
Written by: Noah Dudley

Call to Battle
Passionate and fiery, Los Angeles burns with an excitement found in no other city. It has become the center of fashion, art -- and the Anarch Movement. Fifty years ago, the streets ran red with Elder blood, and the anarchs claimed the city for themselves. They stood poised to make it a land unparalleled in Kindred history.

Call to Destruction
Now it is unparalleled in violence. The anarchs who swore eternal brotherhood when they drove out the Camarilla have formed gangs and now battle each other nightly for control of the city's neighborhoods. The leaders of the Revolt can only shake their heads in sadness, for their speeches fall on deaf ears. On all sides enemies gather, drooling at the opportunity Los Angeles presents.