Elysium: The Elder Wars - Episode 30

In this episode, we review one of the better books of Second Edition - Elysium: The Elder Wars. Experience the world through the eyes and minds of the terrible and terrifying Elders of the Camarilla. This book is absolutely necessary for anyone running a Vampire game with elders, or any player looking to portray an elder. 
Required reading! 

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Written by: Daniel Greenberg and Teeuwynn
October, 1994

The Older the Blood
Immortal, they've lived for centuries, existing on the blood of thousands and watching all they love age and die. They're seen their own power ebb and flow and watched humans come and go, building and destroying. They've sired childer, made ghouls, formed alliances, begun romances and battled allies. They've existed on the brink, and now their emotions are dying.

The Deeper the Pain
For the more the elders experience, the more it takes to touch them. The entertainments of the past mean nothing to them, and the only way to fight the waning of the soul is with constant stimulation and more powerful emotions - hatred, anger and rage. Only in this way can the ancient undead feel alive.