The Last Supper - Episode 33

In this episode, we explore the origins of Clan Giovanni and the destruction of Clan Cappadocian through the game module series, "The Giovanni Chronicles." This is a short episode, as one would expect, considering the material within. Learn the secrets and play through the history of one of the most world-altering events in the Classic World of Darkness. 

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Giovanni Chronicles I: The Last Supper
June 28th, 1995
Written by: Andrew Greenberg

The first installment in the long-awaited Giovanni Chronicle, The Last Supper takes the characters to the subterranean lair/mansion of Claudius Giovanni, where the food they eat will be the last to ever touch their lips.

The characters become caught in the war between the clans of the Camarilla and those trying to form the Giovanni. Their actions during the Renaissance will shape the modern World of Darkness - and determine if they will ever see another night.