DC by Night - Episode 34

In this episode, we explore the Seat of Power, both mortal and vampiric. DC by Night is a source book that tells of a bloody and treacherous history of a new world, and the undead who fed like carrion upon it. Come and know true power in Washington DC. 

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Click here to buy via DriveThruRPG and help us out!

D.C. by Night
Written by: 
Harry L. Heckel IV
May 1st, 1995

Washington DC, a city born of the swamps, offers vampires a treasure beyond all measure: power. In this place where even mortals have might once undreamed of, the undead strive for influence that their peers can only envy. The best try, but only the most devilish succeed.

The Capital fears more than just vampiric politics, though. The Kindred fight gun battles in the Southeast; drive off werewolves, mages, and others who covet their dominance; and clash with the many vampire hunters who call the city home. D.C is a dangerous place for the undead, but its rewards outweight its dangers.