2018 Holiday Special - Episode 104

Holiday Special.jpg

Hello all! Thanks for a great year of podcasting, gaming, and all the other stuff that goes with it! I can’t say for anyone else, but we’ve had a fantastic 2018! We really couldn’t be happier with all the people we’ve met, all the conversations we’ve had and all the people who have supported us and our growth!

I didn't really know how to thank people for all of that. It’s not as if Bob and I can talk to you all individually (trust me, we try) to thank you. So I figured, let’s share a little bit of the stuff we do on our Patreon with our other listeners who aren’t able to support us there. It’s not much, but it’s the only thing I could think of to give a little back to you on the holidays. Maybe it’ll be a good way to kill an hour on the way to celebrate, or just a couple extra voices if the holidays are lonely.

First, we have an episode of our Teach Me How podcast. In this podcast, Bob and I discuss strategies for playing and running Vampire: the Masquerade - and Storytelling games in general - based solely on our experience alone. We’ve been actively playing and running this game for many years, and this is a taste of how WE do it. Hopefully you can draw something from it to add to your table or LARP. In this episode, we talk about pleasures and perils of running an online-based game. This podcast is very uncensored and it’s a look at us just sort of riffing on a topic we enjoy.

Next, I give a brief interlude of some of the audio elements I like to create for our games. These are meant to be radio artifacts used in-game. They are fun to make and I hope you find them funny.

Finally, we give you the second episode in our chapter by chapter review of Beckett’s Jyhad Diary. In this episode, Beckett finds himself in Chicago hot on the trail of Carna of clan Tremere.

More episodes of these podcasts can be found on our Patreon. If you want more stuff like this, think about supporting us there. We do two episodes of each ‘cast per month!

Thanks again, folks, and we look forward to more World of Darkness madness in the coming year!