Clanbook: Ravnos Revised - Episode 66

In this episode of 25 Years of Vampire: the Masquerade, we discuss the revised edition of Clanbook: Ravnos. In one of the most drastic revisions of a Vampire clan, we are given a new history of the Ravnos and their war with the Middle Kingdom. Taking place in the wake of a major world of darkness plot element,  the Week of Nightmares, the Ravnos stand as the first victims of the impending Gehenna.

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Click here to purchase the book from DriveThruRPG and help the show! 

Click here to purchase the book from DriveThruRPG and help the show! 

Clanbook: Ravnos Revised
Written: by Deird’re Brooks
May 14, 2001

The End Is the Beginning Is the End
Long held in ill regard by other Kindred, the Deceivers nonetheless claim one of the oldest legacies of all the race of Caine. A young, vibrant clan, the Ravnos adapt, making the most of a hostile world and turning it to their advantage as best they can. To that end, was their near-total annihilation a Biblical punishment or a rebirth from the ashes of the impending Gehenna?

Blasphemies and Debasement
As the next entry in the revised lineup of clanbooks, Ravnos takes one of the classic Vampire sourcebooks and brings it into a modern context. All-new information accompanies revised material, inviting you to add as much depth to your character as you like. The sheer volume of information contained in the new clanbooks (each with 32 more pages than the first-edition books) permits Storytellers to round out their chronicles.

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