Clanbook: Lasombra Revised - Episode 72

In this episode, we save the best for last, maybe? I guess than depends on your opinion about the Lasombra clan. Anyways, we find it enjoyable and hope to impart some of that upon you! This book delves into the clan's relationship with the Sabbat, the supernatural command of the Abyss, and Lasombra's roots in the Mediterranean and connection with the sea. This book was written by Bruce Baugh with development by Justin Achilli and released December 26th, 2001 for White Wolf Publishing. 

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Click here to purchase this book from DriveThruRPG and help the show! 

Click here to purchase this book from DriveThruRPG and help the show! 

Clanbook: Lasombra
Written by: Bruce Baugh
December 26th, 2001

 Born of Darkness
 The Final Nights have twisted the nobility of the Keepers clan, turning them into the aristocrats of that diabolical sect. Their legacy of shadows eclipses the light thrown by their packs ritual fires. But are the Lasombra truly the esteemed leaders of the Sword of Caine or do they simply abuse it to serve their own ends?

The Lords of the Sabbat
As the next entry in the revised lineup of clanbooks, Lasombra takes one of the classic Vampire sourcebooks and brings it into a modern context. All-new information accompanies revised material, inviting you to add as much depth to your character as you like.