Blood Sacrifice: The Thaumaturgy Companion - Episode 73

In this episode, we discuss the idea of canonical characters, as well as, the "Blood Sacrifice - The Thaumaturgy Companion." This book contains additional paths of thaumaturgy not found in the original blood magic book. Blood Sacrifice focuses on other, non-Hermetic forms of blood sorcery. The book features the disciplines of Akhu (Setite sorcery), Dur-An-Ki (Assamite sorcery), Sadhana (Indian blood magic), and Wanga (Vodoun blood magic), and introduces the Tlacique bloodline and their Mesoamerican blood sorcery Discipline, Nahuallotl. 
This book was written by Dean Shomshak and Ari Marmell, and was released January 14th, 2002 by White Wolf Publishing. 

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Blood Sacrifice: The Thaumaturgy Companion
Written by: Dean Shomshak and Ari Marmell
January 14th, 2002

 Hidden Sorcery
While the Tremere have potent magic at their command, Hermetic tradition isnt the only source of mystic power. The ancient ways of Egyptian magic, the Sufic trances of the Middle East, sacrificial Hindu rites and the natural magic of Caribbean craft can all be used to affect the Final Nights. But what are these thaumaturgies capable of?

Or Abandoned Witchcraft?
Expanded information on non-traditional Thaumaturgy comprises Blood Sacrifice. This book includes four new styles of the Discipline, as well as paths and rituals for each. It also looks into the rare but unforgettable magical 'anomalies' that populate Vampires World of Darkness, those strange mystic artifacts that just seem to happen.

Bumper: Nile - Unas Slayer of the Gods