Caine's Chosen: the Black Hand - Episode 81

In this episode, Nate and Bob review the sourcebook for the Sabbat Sub-sect, the Black Hand. Gone are the days of the "True Hand," and all shits given have left with them. Today, we look at a mysterious group of mystical assassins who await the rapidly approaching Ghenna to take their place besides Caine. Like many other Vampire: the Masquerade books, Caine's Chosen is presented from many different sources and perspectives. This allows the book to have a healthy dose of subjectivity and complexity. 
This book was written by Sarah Roark, C. A. Suleiman and Janet Trautvetter, developed by Justin Achilli for White Wolf studios and released January 20th, 2003. 

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Caine's Chosen: the Black Hand
Written by: Sarah Roark, C. A. Suleiman and Janet Trautvetter
January 20th, 2003

Hidden behind veils of secrecy and mystery, the Black Hand serves as the martial arm of the Sabbat. When the blood and fire of the sect's packs and prisci fail to win the night, the Black Hand arrives like a grim cavity on the cusp of the night. With all its autonomy and authority, however, the Black Hand has turned upon itself - does it truly serve the Sabbat or has it become a Gehenna cult?