Chaining the Beast - Episode 89

This week, Nate and Bob take a dive into what is considered by some to be the definitive guide to Paths of Enlightenment. This revised books is the first to collect "all" the current Paths into one, simple guide. From the standard paths, all the way to the obscure and heretical paths, Chaining the Beast puts the sum of vampiric morality in the palm of your hands. 
Chaining the Beast was written by Gavin Bennett, Trevor Chase and James Kiley and released June 30th, 2003 for White Wolf studios. 

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Chaining the Beast
Written by: Gavin Bennett, Trevor Chase and James Kiley
June 30th, 2003

Does a Vampire Have a Soul?
Not all Kindred follow the sacred Path of Humanity. Some forsake their mortal ethics, giving themselves wholly over to the vampire condition. Others abandon the moral struggle altogether – and find themselves in the throes of Frenzy. How can the race of Caine steel itself against its murderous impulses?

But For How Long?
By popular demand, Chaining the Beast explores the Paths of Enlightenment in detail, from the Hierarchies of Sin to the myriad nightly concerns of a vampire who upholds them. A resource for those seeking to explore the alien mindset of the undead, this book sheds light on the dark corners of the Kindred psyche.