Lair of the Hidden - Episode 90

Follow Bob and Nate as they take a journey into the mysterious lair of the Inconnu and explore Hunedoara Castle in 2003's Lair of the Hidden. This book acts as sourcebook and chronicle/module for Vampire: the Masquerade's Time of Judgement. 
The Time of Judgment series is semi-canon and is intended to allow players the option to end their own personal stories. 
Unlike previous themed years, there were no events characterizing the Time of Judgment that affected all World of Darkness game lines; instead, each game was given a selection of its own specifically-tailored final fates or multiple endings which are determined by the actions and choices of the

Lair of the Hidden was Written by: Sarah Roark, Dean Shomshak, and Janet Trautvetter and released August 11th 2003 by White Wolf Game Studios. 

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Help our podcast by purchasing this book with the link above via DriveThruRPG!

Help our podcast by purchasing this book with the link above via DriveThruRPG!

Lair of the Hidden
August 11th, 2003
Written By: Written by: Sarah Roark, Dean Shomshak, and Janet Trautvetter

High in the Romanian Mountains...
Hidden from time and prying mortal eyes, Hunedoara Castle lurks amid the mists of the Carpathians. Home to a cabal of scheming Inconnu, the castle is the site of hideous rites. Who do these terrible rituals empower? Or, worse, who might they protect?

A Vampiric Conspiracy Broods
Secrets revealed -- Lair of the Hidden is a setting sourcebook and chronicle that examines the plans of a forgotten cult of Inconnu. It covers the cults aims and goals, as well as presenting a terrifying haven of powerful elders for players characters to explore -- should they dare.