Vampire Players Guide - Episode 91

In this episode, we discuss the Vampire Players Guide for the Revised edition of Vampire: the Masquerade. Unlike previous editions, this book is light on game mechanics and highly educational. This book was written by Kraig Blackwelder, Carl Bowen, Ann Braidwood, Jacqueline Brasfield, Christopher Gunning, Conrad Hubbard, Evan Jamieson, Jim Kiley, Christopher Kobar, Rhiannon Louve, Ari Marmell, Matt McFarland, Patrick O’Duffy, Chip Quinn, Aaron Rosenberg, Myranda Sarro, Dean Shomshak, Greg Stolze, Adam Tinworth and Janet Trautvetter with development and additional material by Justin Achilli. the Vampire Players Guide was published October 6th, 2003 for White Wolf Publishing. 

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Vampire Players Guide
October 6th, 2003
Written by: Various

Since Biblical times, the get of Caine have prowled the world, hiding from mortals and resigning themselves to the shadows. Throughout the ages, their plans have unfolded and their treacheries have come to fruition. Welcome to the Final Nights — welcome to unlife as a vampire. A collection of essays, character-building options, chronicle suggestions and methods of play, the Vampire Players Guide offers a wealth of information to players and Storytellers on a conversational level. Presented as an aside to Vampire® players, this book offers a variety of options and advice to better enhance the Storytelling experience