Gehenna - Episode 93

In this episode, we reach the end… for now… of the original Vampire: the Masquerade line. White Wolf brings their World of Darkness line to an end with the culmination of Time of Judgement storyline. This is one of four Time of Judgement books that ushers in the end of the World of Darkness. Those include, Apocalypse for Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Ascension for Mage: The Ascension and World of Darkness: Time of Judgment for the other game lines.
After the release of Gehenna, White Wolf would introduce their Vampire: the Requiem line, among other “New World of Darkness” games. It would be seven years before we’d see a new “Classic World of Darkness” release in 2011…
This book was written by Bjørn T. Boe, Travis-Jason Feldstein, Christopher Kobar and Dean Shomshak and developed by Justin Achilli for White Wolf Publishing. It was released January 14th, 2004.

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Written by: Authors: Bjørn T. Boe, Travis-Jason Feldstein, Christopher Kobar and Dean Shomshak.
Jan. 14th, 2004

The End of the World for the Damned

The prophecies of Gehenna were true. The world teeters on the brink of an undead apocalypse, the night when the progenitors of the vampire race rise to consume their childer amid a rain of blood and fire. As the fated Armageddon for the Kindred arises, what can they do? Drawing the Vampire Line to a close, Gehenna brings about the conclusion of Vampire's World of Darkness. Featuring a sliding scale which Storytellers can custom-tailor the events of The End to their own chronicles, this book places the final accounting for the curse of Caine in the hands of the players' characters.