Book of Storyteller Secrets - Episode 112

In this episode, Bob and Nate take a look at the Book of Storyteller Secrets for Vampire: the Dark Ages. This sourcebook collects information for storytellers left out of the corebook such as an atlas of Dark Medieval Europe, a plethora of Storytelling tips for running your own Dark Ages game, and rules for ghouls, antagonists, magical weapons and mythical beasts found in Dark Medieval Europe.

This book was written by Wade Racine, Matt Burke, and J.D. Wiker for White Wolf Game Studio and published July of 1996.

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This book is currently out of print.

This book is currently out of print.

Book of Storyteller Secrets
Written by: Wade Racine, Matt Burke, and J.D. Wiker
July, 1996

Explore the weird and wonderous nights of Dark Medieval Europe. Wander the lonely nocturnal roads in service to vampire princes – or become one yourself. Track a unicorn for its blood, or delve into the intrigues of the Italian merchant cities. Battle Assamite killers in the Holy Land, or aid the nascent Tremere as they struggle for survival against the ancient Fiends.