Clanbook: Cappadocian - Episode 114

After some investigation into the release dates of the early Dark Ages books, we discovered that Clanbook: Cappadocian was up next! Welcome to it. This edition tells the story of the rise and eventual fall of the clan that would span the reviled Giovanni clan. This book was written after the creation of the Giovanni, and as such is the first real details into their origins outside of Giovanni material.
This book was written by Justin Achilli and published March of 1997 by White Wolf Publishing.

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Clanbook: Cappadocian
Written by: Justin Achilli
March 1st, 1997

More than a clan of scholars and priests, Clan Cappadocian is the Clan of Death. From their humble beginnings in the Holy Lands, these doomed vampires have spread throughout the Dark Medieval world, pursuing their eternal quest as time and history conspire against them. They are condemned by their own actions, and toil endlessly against inevitable destruction.