Dark Ages Companion - Episode 115

Bob and Nate discuss the first major supplement for the original Vampire: the Dark Ages line - Dark Ages Companion. This book details some of the unique bloodlines of the Dark Ages, it expands information on the Roads which all Cainites follow, it also gives insight into life in Dark Medieval Europe and various beliefs of the day.
Dark Ages Companion was written by Andrew Bates, Jackie Cassada, Ken Cliffe, Richard Dansky, Robert Hatch, Michael Lee, Nicky Rea, Sion Rodriguez y Gibson, Ethan Skemp, Cynthia Summers, and Fred Yelk. This book was published by White Wolf Publishing on March 29th, 1997.

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Dark Ages Companion
Written by: Various
March 29th, 1997

Welcome to the Long Night, childe. Come and learn the secrets of an ancient race that comes alive after the last rays of sun have fled the sky and that hides in the darkness at the foot of the children's beds. A whole new world lies within, just waiting for to unfold before your unbelieving eyes. Run with the Children of Caine through the moonless nights of Dark Medieval Europe, learn their lore and solve their mysteries – for you have become one of them.