Transylvania by Night Pt. 1 - Episode 121

In this episode, we give a general overview and basic review of the Dark Ages sourcebook, Transylvania by Night. This is part one of our multi-part series on Transylvania and the Transylvania Chronicles. We will bring you part two in two weeks, followed by an overview on the Transylvania Chronicles volumes I-IV.
Transylvania by Night was published October, 1997 by White Wolf Publishing and written by Brian Campbell and Nicky Rea.

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Transylvania by Night
Written by: Brian Campbell, Nicky Rea
October, 1997

When Fiends and Warlocks Go To War

Good evening, childer. Welcome to our old and blood-drenched soil. We have known the tread of the Hun, the Roman, the Magyar, yet we stand defiant, as we always have. Now, after sunset, cries of war and horror pierce the night. As the old ways crumble and Usurpers recieve their bloody baptism, limitless power awaits those clever and brutal enough to take it. But beware: The Old Country is a harsh mistress, and those who fail greet the dawn on impaling stakes. So come, my friends. Enter freely, and of your own will. After may never leave.