New Moon Rising - Episode 3


In this episode, we wrap up our first game session with a trip to church… in the form of The Ministry of the New Moon.
In the last decade there has been a bit of a schism in the clan many refer to as the “Setites.” A faction of Followers broke away from their parent clan and petitioned for membership in the Camarilla. After apparently being rejected, the so-called “Ministry of the New Moon” have now made their home in the Anarch Movement. They believe that Set exists within themselves and is not an actual “god,” but a state of being. They claim to work towards bringing spiritual liberation to all descendants of Caine. This group of religious Setites are small but growing Anarch faction - Some consider them a modern rebranding of corruption for the 21st century. Any lost Cainite is welcome to come and take sermon with the Ministry.

Our gang of anarchs seek information and rumor has it, the Ministry know the details.

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"Giant Wyrm" by Kevin MacLeod (
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The Siren's Spell - Knopfdreher & moody alien vs. Kine Hjeldnesby 
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