Transylvania Chronicles IV - Episode 126

In this episode, we conclude our in-depth review of the Transylvania saga. The final book brings us into the height of the Victorian Age and beyond into the modern nights. The final prophesy of Gehenna is realized in blood and fire! After 800 years, your characters must discover the plans for the end of the world and stop them - or usher in the end of days.

Transylvania Chronicles IV was written by Brian Campbell, Jackie Cassada, and Nicky Rea and published on February 3rd, 2000 by White Wolf Studios.

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Transylvania Chronicles IV: The Dragon Ascendant
Written by: Brian Campbell, Jackie Cassada, and Nicky Rea
Feb. 3rd, 2000

Eight Centuries of Evil

The prophecies of Gehenna continue to unfold. In the darkest corners of Transylvania, Dracula stirs. Halfway across the world, a conflagration destroys an entire clan of Sabbat Cainites. The geomantic web unravels, revealing one of the greatest pieces of the Jyhad. Can the players coterie put aside its differences in time to foil the plot of an Antediluvian? Or has Gehenna finally arrived?