Libellus Sanguinis 2 - Episode 129

Well, we kinda lied and said we wouldn’t have a podcast this Friday. Turns out, we recorded one anyways. This week, we take a dive into Libellus Sanguinis 2: Keepers of the Word. This sourcebook covers three clans of the Dark Ages: Toreador, Tremere, and Brujah.
Book one details the Toreador of the Dark Ages, art in the Dark Medieval world, religion and the Courts of Love.
Book two explores the Usurper clan’s attempt to be viewed as legitimate, their internal organization, spread across Europe, and the Telyavelics.
Book three details the Brujah and their roots in pre-Carthage. It also explores the role philosophy and Olympian ideals, as well as their current status in the Dark Medieval world.
Libellus Sanguinis 2: Keepers of the Word was written by Cynthia Summers, Richard Stratton, and Jackie Cassada. It was published October 1, 1998 by White Wolf Studios.

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Libellus Sanguinis 2: Keepers of the Word
Written by: Cynthia Summers, Richard Stratton, Jackie Cassada
October 1, 1998

Three More Gather in Darkness

The medieval Tremere have seized immortality for themselves, and are despised and hunted as a result. The Toreador dance to the music of prestige and slander in the courts and castles of Europe. The Brujah want to shatter the Long Night to avenge their shattered dream. All three are here. The undead secrets of the Dark Ages are laid bare before you.