Clanbook: Salubri - Episode 135

Their founder has been murdered and the clan has now scattered to the four winds. They are hunted by a cabal of usurpers and betrayed at every turn. Through every hardship, they seek unity and peace between spirit and beast. The tale of the Salubri is one of hardship, betrayal and purpose. Join us as we explore the hidden secrets of Saulot’s brood, their unique nature and history, and what is to become of them in the modern nights.

Clanbook: Salubri is a clanbook for Vampire: the Dark Ages written by Cynthia Summers and published April 29th, 1999 by White Wolf Publishing.

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Click here to purchase this book via DriveThruRPG and help our show!

Clanbook: Salubri
Written by: Cynthia Summers
April 29th, 1999

It Is the Way of War

Saulot is dead destroyed by the foul Usurper. Everywhere the servants of the Tremere hound the remaining Salubri, condemning them to the pyre or the stake. And while the land cries out for a healers touch, it is only by turning to the sword that the Salubri can survive.