Clanbook: Toreador - Episode 24

In this episode, we had a bit of a false start We "recorded" about 40 minutes worth of podcast before we found out we weren't recording. That was a thing. Anyways, we review Book of the Damned for a short period and then we review Clanbook: Toreador. 

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Book of the Damned is a supplement for Vampire: The Masquerade detailing the politics, secrets, and intrigue of the clans of the Kindred. Most, but not all, of its content is reprinted from the Vampire: The Masquerade Second Edition Rulebook, adjusted to fit the Mind's Eye Theatre publishing format.

A Beast I Am, Lest a Beast I Become

"The need comes upon me, a tide of lust and craving that I cannot resist. Like a tree against the storm, I will not bend, but eventually I will break. I may contain my desire for week upon week, allowing the agony to mount, but eventually I can resist no more and I must kill again..."

The Children of Caine

Vampires have existed among us for centuries. Their feuds have ignited wars and inquisitions. Their unlives are pageants of rich excess, while their perversions are sources of unspeakable horror. They are the spawn of Caine, the First, the one forever damned. Now learn the secrets of these immortals and the origins of their ancient enmities. Prepare yourself for a shocking journey into the depths of damnation. This volume describes, in detail, the undead rulers of the World of Darkness, and their twisted society.


Click here to purchase via DriveThruRPG! 

Click here to purchase via DriveThruRPG! 

Clanbook: Toreador
Written by: Steven C. Brown

Potentially the mightiest of the vampire clans, Toreador is also the most divided clan, paralyzed by bitter infighting. For millennia, their world-shaking battles within the clan have been just as intense as their relentless struggles against other Kindred. No other clan has had such an effect on the world of mortals. No other clan can match the effect of the Toreador.

The Anarch Cookbook - Episode 23

The Anarch Cookbook: A friendly Guide to Vampire Politics

In this episode, we discuss the the third major Vampire sect: The Anarchs. Released in 1993, this book serves as an introduction for both players and storytellers to the world of Anarch rebellion. 

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Click photo to purchase via DrivethruRPG, click link below to purchase on Amazon

Click photo to purchase via DrivethruRPG, click link below to purchase on Amazon

Written by: Bill Bridges

From The Agony of Oppression

The elders kick everyone else around. It seems like a vampire has no purpose in this world except as a punching bag for the old ones. They'll knock you down, push you around and force you to do their vile bidding. That is, when they're not drinking you dry.

To The Ecstasy of Freedom

But you are not alone. We are the anarchs, and we are the future. Read this book, and learn why the elders despise us. Read it, and learn of the lies they tell. Read it, and learn why we are so feared. The Anarch Cookbook includes: the weapons, strategies and tactics of the anarchs, usable by players and Storytellers; the history of the Anarch Movement, from its beginnings millennia ago to the Anarch Free States today; biographies of prominent anarchs, as well as their immortal arch-enemy.

Berlin by Night - Episode 22

In this, our 22nd episode, we journey to the recently reunited city of Berlin. Released in 1993, this book takes place shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Two Princes struggle nightly for control of territory, while the kindred population walk a fine line between two vengeful elders. 

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This book... Well, I'll let you listen to our review.

Click the photo to purchase via our affiliate program @ Drivethru RPG! 

Click the photo to purchase via our affiliate program @ Drivethru RPG! 

Berlin by Night, 1993
Written by: James A. Moore

Divided We Fall...
What do the Kindred fear more than the prince of a city? When a city has two princes...and they're at war. Then, every battle takes on new meaning. Every argument has a sinister purpose. Every decision risks offending one of the mighty rulers. Every decision may be the last, fatal one.

United We Die!
Such is Berlin. Ages-old capital of the German Empire. Center of the Third Reich. Battleground between East and West, torn by their globe-spanning war. Now the Soviet Brujah who once ruled East Berlin have disappeared, and the magical barriers between the two sides have fallen. The time of reunification is here. The time of destruction is at hand.

Bloody Hearts Diablerie: Britain - Episode 21

In this episode, we explore book 2 in the "Diablerie" series. This book introduces us to the Ancient Methuselah, Tiamat, and the demon Drakonskyr that possess her. Your coterie will take a terrifying journey to the hard of ancient madness in hopes of claiming the ultimate prize: the soul and power of the ancient damned. This book also marks the first appearance of former Toreador Justicar, Madame Guil
This book is designed as a module for 2nd edition Vampire: the Masquerade. 

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Buy This Book @ DrivethruRPG using our affiliate code by clicking the picture above!

Bloody Hearts - Diablerie: Britain
1993 Written by: Dustin Browder
Absolute Power Can Corrupt
The thirst for the most powerful blood can drive any vampire mad with desire. Its taste, bouquet, smell, and texture are like nothing else the Kindred can experience. The feeling of it as it flows past undead lips is exquisite beyond belief. And the power it provides...

Even Those Already Corrupted
But its consumption destroys the predator as surely as the prey. The very soul of the victim is taken in the act and, as the victim dies, so does the Diabolist. None can take so completely without paying the price. None can first feel absolute power without first knowing absolute horror.

The Book of Nod - Episode 20

Hello all. Welcome back to the podcast! In this episode, we discuss and review the 1993 release, "The Book of Nod". This particular book is a little bit different than the previous books we've reviewed, both in content and layout. This book is more of an in-game prop than a rule book, and is printed in a size more consistent with White Wolf's Mind's Eye Theater line of Live-Action Role Playing books. 
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The Book of Nod, 1993
Written by: Sam Chupp, Andrew Greenberg

From White Wolf Wiki:
The Book of Nod is a collection of texts that are viewed as sacred by Noddist scholars and most Elders, especially of the Sabbat. This book is designed to be setting material only, avoiding any game mechanics, to serve as a prop for Vampire: The Masquerade or Mind's Eye Theatre: the Masquerade chronicles.

The contents of the Book of Nod is divided into three major sections: "The Chronicle of Caine", "The Chronicle of Shadows", and "The Chronicle of Secrets". The first section is the "History of vampires", giving insights to how Caine became cursed, his encounters, and the founding of the thirteen vampire clans. The second section, Shadows, are the "Laws of vampires", providing commandments that Caine dictates to the Kindred, as well as each clans' expectations. The final section, Secrets, is the "Prophetic word for vampires", declaring the coming of Gehenna that Noddist activists preach.

Chicago by Night, 2nd Edition - Episode 19

In this episode of VTM25, we review the revised edition of Chicago by Night. This book has a special place for us, as we've spent a large quantity of time playing from and running games with this book. 
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From White Wolf Wiki:
Chicago by Night Second Edition is a revision of Chicago by Night, the sourcebook about the city of Chicago in the Classic World of Darkness.

This Second Edition incorporates changes both to the game rules from Vampire: The Masquerade Second Edition and to the Chicago setting from the Werewolf crossover story Under a Blood Red Moon. With the death of Lodin in that story, the office of Prince of Chicago is now available to the most qualified — or most cutthroat — candidate. Now, the players' coterie might find themselves in a position to play kingmaker, or even to take the princedom for one of their own.

Clanbook: Gangrel - Episode 18

In stark contrast to our previous review, we take a look at an unsung gem of the V:tM 1st/ 2nd edition catalog - Clanbook: Gangrel. Presented by gonzo journalist, Dr. Raoul King, this clanbook tells the tale of Lord Ashton as he leads you through the nightly existence of the Gangrel. 

Clanbook: Gangrel, 1993
Written by: Brad Freeman

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The Gangrel relish their reputation as the most mysterious of the Camarilla clans, but even their secrecy cannot stand forever. Now learn the secrets of these enigmatic vampires -- their history and legends, their allies and enemies, and the truth of their relationship with the fearsome Lupine. There is good reason why they stand at the forefront of every vampiric war: none can stand against them.

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Clanbook: Malkavian - Episode 17

In this episode, we discuss the original Clanbook: Malkavian released in 1993. This title offers detailed information about the clan, even if it's presented in a very different way than you may be used to. This podcast, more than any we've previously recorded, is likely to be our most divisive. 
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Clanbook: Malkavian
Written By: Daniel Greenberg

What is this thing called madness? They say those touched by insanity have also been touched by divinity. No they don't. Madness is often only a step away from enlightenment and, for some, is a step beyond. No it isn't. Now learn how the Malkavians twist the world for their benefit. You won't learn a thing. Discover the truth of their madness. It's too late for that.

Purchase on

Clanbook: Nosferatu - Episode 16

This week, we review the classic Clanbook: Nosferatu! If you notice any issues with the sound, we apologize. We had some level issues we had to deal with on our end. Additionally, we talk more about the Nosferatu on our sister podcast, here
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Clanbook: Nosferatu
Written by: Robert Hatch
Hideously deformed, hiding from the world's eyes in their dank holes, the Nosferatu thrive despite their ostracism from vampiric society. But what are they plotting in their dark caverns? What schemes are brewing in the nether regions of the night? The Nosferatu watch everyone else, but who watches them?

Dark Colony - Episode 15

Hey all! We're back at it after our computer crisis last week with a new podcast. This week, we review Dark Colony, a city source book for Vampire: the Masquerade. 
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Dark Colony
Written by: Jeff Cooper and Beth Fischi
Few Can Feast on Freedom.
Once New England led the fight for freedom. Once it thought it could set its own destiny and determine its own future. Once its leaders were its own, children of its rocky soil. Even the land's vampires once believed this. But no more.
When the Damned Feast on Death
Schemes plotted thousands of miles away, born of the conflicts millennia old, have forever changed the land. Native Kindred are beset by enemies on all sides, and only the strongest carry on the fight of freedom. Only the bravest can hope to survive. The weak and the cowards die one by one in their dens.

The Storytellers Handbook to the Sabbat - Episode 14

Thanks for checking back with us! In today's podcast, we discuss the MAJORITY of The Storytellers Handbook to the Sabbat. Towards the back third of the podcast, our recording machine took a dump, so the podcast cuts abruptly. Anyways, we are essentially working with cans and string. Thanks for your patience. Without further ado...

Storytellers Handbook to the Sabbat is the second sourcebook to describe the Sabbat, and serves as a companion to the earlier Players Guide to the Sabbat. The Handbook fleshes out background elements of the sect, and introduces two new Sabbat bloodlines. The book advanced the characterization of the Sabbat as thoroughly infested with infernalists, which persisted until Vampire: The Masquerade Revised Edition. This book also introduced the notion of Vicissitude as an infection — a concept that was later revisited in a drastically different form in Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand.

The Vampire Players Guide - Episode 13

In this episode, we talk for a long time about the 2nd Edition Vampire Player's Guide. Also, Q&A! Give it a go! 

From White Wolf Wiki:
Vampire Players Guide Second Edition is an updated version of The Players Guide for the Vampire: The Masquerade Second Edition rules. A large portion of the book's text is reprinted, updated, and revised from the previous version of the Players Guide to fit the Second Edition's rules and formatting style. Notable among the new content in this edition of the Players Guide is the introduction of two new bloodlines, the Daughters of Cacophony and the Samedi, along with their respective signature Disciplines.