Gen Con Meetup Extravaganza - Episode 87

In this episode, Bob and Nate sit down with the Jackalope LARP folks to chat about LARP, awesome books, Sabbat and the Night in Question. What's "The Night in Question?" Well, funny you should ask... 

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Click here to purchase tickets to The Night in Question! 

Click here to purchase tickets to The Night in Question! 

The Night In Question is a fully-immersive rules-light LARP experience, taking the lessons and inspirations of the new Nordic-style games such as Enlightenment in Blood and End of the Line, then adding a horrific splatterpunk twist. Other games have focused on the Camarilla and Anarch aspects of the setting – the Masquerade, moving among the mortals in secrets and the politics of the undead. The Night in Question is different. 

It will emphasize a frightening and engulfing story, focusing on the monstrosity of the Sabbat, visceral horror of their dark rites and a blood and guts feel reminiscent of films like From Dusk Til Dawn and Near Dark, creating a unique World of Darkness event using intense visual effects, high quality props, set design and costuming. It will be a “retro” Sabbat event, and will reflect a classic monstrous Sabbat mythos.
The Night in Question
Jackalope LARP 
White Wolf

Warning: You may notice some sound quality issues in this podcast. Because we were in a very large, open area with a lot of reflective material, there is some echo and general noise. Painstaking efforts have been made to make the quality of this podcast as consumable as possible. Regardless, there may be some volume issues throughout the cast. We apologize in advance for the audio. We had fun recording it though, so there's that!