Liege, Lord and Lackey - Episode 116

it's a secret to everybody. Master using it and you can have this.
Here's our review of Liege, Lord and Lackey, the 1997 Dark Ages title coinciding with the Year of the Ally theme. This book details service in Dark Medieval Europe, as well as those that serve.

Year of the Ally was a World of Darkness event consisting of 6 books detailing the mortal (-ish) allies of the supernatural.
This book was written by Jason Carl, Tom deMayo, Michael Lee, and Wendy Soss and published June 1st, 1997 by White Wolf Publishing, Inc.

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Liege, Lord and Lackey
Written by: Jason Carl, Tom deMayo, Michael Lee, and Wendy Soss
June 1st, 1997

Who would serve Cainites, the dread lords of the Long Night?

The answer is surprising, as vampires draw their allies from all echelons of Dark Medieval society. From the humble cotter on the path outside the city to the prince regent of the greatest kingdom, mortals often move according to the whim of their unseen masters.

Come - join the legion of those retained by the Childer of Caine - and reap the benefits that servitude offers. Anything else is to live among the sheep, upon whom the wolves prey...

Ghouls: Fatal Addiction - Episode 40

In this episode, we review the essential book about those that serve the undead: Ghouls. This book is essential for any storyteller looking to paint these half-damned individuals in the correct light, as well as players looking to create their own Ghoul character. Ghouls: Fatal Addiction is a must for any CWoD collection. 
Also, we know there's a Ghouls and Revenants V20 book. We just forgot about it while discussing this book. Thanks. 

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Click here to purchase this book from DriveThruRPG and help support our show!

Click here to purchase this book from DriveThruRPG and help support our show!

Ghouls: Fatal Addiction
Written by: 
Ronni Radner and Ethan Skemp
May 12th, 1997

C'mon...Everybody's Doing It...
It seems so easy. Just a sip, a taste, and you're better than all the rest. You can suck up a bullet wound to the gut. You can knock your enemies through walls with a shove. You can have all the night has to offer without sacrificing your body and soul to it. This deal is too good to be true. Yeah. That's what Faust said. And now the Damned want their due.

...You Know You Want It!
Ghouls: Fatal Addiction is a Vampire: The Masquerade sourcebook detailing the half-human servants of the Kindred. Whether you need a few new whipping boys or just want to taste the lash yourself, this book has everything you need to create ghouls as player or Storyteller characters. 
Watch out, though. This book just might make Renfield wake up and smell his fix...and the master who lives by blood might die by it, too.