Dust to Dust - Episode 95

Bob and Nate review the 2011 book, Dust to Dust. This is the first story material released for the Vampire: the Masquerade 20th Anniversary edition. This book is a soft sequel to first chronicle, Forged in Steel and the original Ashes to Ashes story from First Edition. It is also (as far as we can tell) the only Vampire: the Masquerade book which uses the Storytelling adventure System. It has a number of new characters, as well as updates to classic characters and settings from the original run of Vampire: the Masquerade.

This book was written by Matthew McFarland and developed by Eddy Webb for White Wolf Studios and released on 11/11/11.

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Dust to Dust
Written by: Matthew McFarland
November 11th, 2011

When the ashes cool, all that remains is dust...

Gary, Indiana (cWOD) is a dying city. Its population has halved itself in 40 years, many of its buildings are burned husks, its citizens are disenfranchised and out of work, and even its predators have fled. Of the many Kindred who once hunted this small Midwestern city, only a handful remains. Modius, the Prince of Gary, continues his long rivalry with the Anarch known as Juggler. But their struggles are becoming increasingly irrelevant. If things continue, Gary won't have enough mortals to sustain even a small number of vampires.

The Kindred aren't willing to let the city crumble just yet, though. Juggler and Modius have hit upon a scheme to revitalize the city's importance for Kindred, though each wishes to claim the credit (and the rewards) for this renewal. While they snipe and strike at one another like two starving wolves fighting for the last scrap of meat on the carcass, the Giovanni Maria DiMatto seizes her chance.

1st Edition: Revisited - Episode 86

In this very normal episode, Bob and Nate honor the release of V5 by going back in time and reviewing a few 1st edition books we missed. What did we miss?
First, we talk about 17-page module, Blood Nativity. This story serves as an introduction to Vampire: the Masquerade and was published by Atlas Games in 1991 for White Wolf. We have briefly mentioned this in previous podcasts, but we get a bit deeper in this review. 
Next, we discuss the 36-page module, Blood Bond, also from 1991. This story explores the mystical blood bond, as well as centuries-old feud between two elder vampires. 
Finally, we discuss the 83-page story supplement, Ashes to Ashes, published in 1991 by White Wolf. This book continues the chronicle, Forged in Steel, and the battle between the prince of Chicago and Gary, IN. This book, as well as Blood Bond, are part of the Chicago Chronicles collection 3. 

Blood Nativity was written by: Lynn Severson and Michael Harms (According to the White Wolf Wiki, this adventure was actually written by White Wolf staffers using pseudonyms.)
Blood Bond was written by: Ken Cliffe
Ashes to Ashes was written by: Stewart Wieck

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Click here to buy from DriveThruRPG and help our show! It's only $2 bucks! 

Blood Nativity
Written by:  Lynn Severson and Michael Harms

An Introductory Story for Vampire: The Masquerade
Created for the first edition of Vampire: The MasqueradeBlood Nativity is designed to be a troupe's first story.
The players begin as normal humans, attracted by an enigmatic invitation to a private dinner at the Sunset Club. By dinner's end, they find themselves following an inexorable trail into shadowy undeath — life as vampires themselves.
Now they must survive their dangerous first night as Neonates. Will they fall victim to the mad, insatiable Hunger within, or will they be destroyed by the light of day, which they must now curse?

Click here to... I mean, you should know by now. $3.60 cents for a pdf? That's a good deal! Own a copy now! 

Click here to... I mean, you should know by now. $3.60 cents for a pdf? That's a good deal! Own a copy now! 

Blood Bond
Written by: Ken Cliffe

The Tie that Binds Is the Tie that Kills
Some mortals say love is the most powerful emotion. The Kindred know better. Far more powerful than love is the force of blood. When drunk from another Vampire three times, it creates an obsession none can resist. Now the characters learn just how strong the blood bond can be and at the same time deal with the Prince of Chicago, stange new Kindred and the dread Sabbat. But the question persists - who among them is blood bound? Vampire™ The Masquerade™ The romance and horror of Vampire rise with full fury in this Chicago-based story supplement. Characters deal with political intrigue, mysterious stangers and the full power of the Blood Bond, all the while learning more about the living death which is both their immortal blessing and their undying curse.

I mean, this is so cheap! Buy a copy, will ya? 

I mean, this is so cheap! Buy a copy, will ya? 

Ashes to Ashes
Written by: Stewart Wieck

When the Fire Burns Low Only the Ashes Remain...
The forged in steel chronicle continues: Ordered by Modias, the prince of Gary, to present themselves to Lodin, the Prince of Chicago, a group of neonates find themselves shoved headlong into a maelstrom of Kindred Intrigue. While the characters desperately search for Lodin, the Prince inexplicably disappears, and one of his lieutenants blames the visitors from Gary. The characters dilemma - find Lodin or face the termination of an immortal life-in-death.




The Succubus Club, Ashes to Ashes, Chicago by Night

In our third episode, we step up the podcast a notch and review three releases from 1991: The Succubus Club, Ashes to Ashes and Chicago by Night first edition. The three of these releases are bound together in story and setting, and it seemed appropriate to review them together for additional reasons that are made clear in the production. These books make up a large part of the "Forged in Steel" chronicle.



Succubus Club - 1991
Written by: Andrew Greenberg, Graeme Davis, Bill Bridges, Lisa Stevens, Nigel Findley, Steve Crow
"The Succubus club is a Sourcebook detailing the most notorious nightspots in the Chicago Rack. This book includes not only a complete description of this infamous club, but six complete one-chapter stories, each of them set within its confines. Cainites know of it as a huge and extravagant dance club where mortal vessels are easily obtained, friends and enemies meet and intrigues and plots are hatched. only a few know of what ancient secrets it contains. The Succubus may well become the central meeting spot for your characters, for so many stories start and end there. It is the nexus of this dark city. It is the place of dreams, the place of nightmares."



Ashes to Ashes - 1991
Written by: Stewart Wieck
When the Fire Burns Low Only the Ashes Remain...
"Ashes to Ashes is a story supplement designed for use with Vampire, and it continues the story begun in Vampire: Baptism by Fire. It includes all the characters and information you need to tell a complete four chapter story. This book also presents an Advanced Storytelling - the Villain's Flashback - to accentuate the theme and mood of the story."






Chicago by Night first edition - 1991
White Wolf Publishing
Chicago by Night includes:
Descriptions of most of the Kindred inhabitants of Chicago - 70 powerful characters in all.
A chapter on the "real" history of Chicago.
Detailed maps of the city and a complete geography chapter.
A number of innovative "character interaction" charts used to define the relationships between these immortals.
Over one hundred encounters, organized by theme, which provide you a means to make the setting come alive for your players.