Giovanni Chronicles Conclusion Episode 46

Welcome to the conclusion of the centuries spanning Giovanni Chronicles saga. In this episode, we will discuss and review the final two books in the series and bring the clan of Necromancers into the modern nights (or at least up to 1999.) This review dives into Giovanni Chronicles III: The Sun Has Set, and Giovanni Chronicles IV: Nuova Malattia. 

Also, check out the White Wolf Wiki, which is an invaluable resource for digging up info on this old material. Without them, we'd have much more work to do researching these books. White Wolf Wiki

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Click the photo to purchase the book from DriveThruRPG and help the show! 

Click the photo to purchase the book from DriveThruRPG and help the show! 

Giovanni Chronicles III: The Sun Has Set
Written by: Christopher Howard
March 12th, 1998

It is the 19th century, and Britannia raises her flag across the world. The murder of Cappadocius is rapidly becoming ancient history. But, in the shadows, the Giovanni still plot and scheme to achieve apotheosis. Can your characters, now mighty elders, stop the Necromancers?

Click this picture, too. It'll let you buy the book and help the show! DO IT!!

Click this picture, too. It'll let you buy the book and help the show! DO IT!!

Giovanni Chronicles IV: Nuova Malattia
Written by: Heather Grove and Matthew McFarland
1999 (Unknown date)

A New Sickness
An unhealthy development is taking place in Boston, Massachusetts - the ascension of the Milliner family of Clan Giovanni. From their surreptitious beginnings in the shadow of the Kennedy empire to their sinister prominence at the end of the 20th century, the Milliner history is one of treachery and cunning manipulation. Can the characters carve their own place out of Boston's dwindling resources, or will they be swept along with the tide of the Giovanni's inexorable conquest?

An Old, Unbeating Heart
The final installment of the Giovanni Chronicles resolves the mysterious ending of The Sun Has Set, including the significance of the sought-after Sargon Fragment. The story takes place in some of the most memorable and exciting periods of American history, from the Roaring 20s to the looming terror of the modern nights. Players get a chance to help or hinder the newest machinations of Clan Giovanni, including participating in Boston's desperate attempt to remain independent of Camarilla and Sabbat influence.

Dark Colony - Episode 15

Hey all! We're back at it after our computer crisis last week with a new podcast. This week, we review Dark Colony, a city source book for Vampire: the Masquerade. 
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Dark Colony
Written by: Jeff Cooper and Beth Fischi
Few Can Feast on Freedom.
Once New England led the fight for freedom. Once it thought it could set its own destiny and determine its own future. Once its leaders were its own, children of its rocky soil. Even the land's vampires once believed this. But no more.
When the Damned Feast on Death
Schemes plotted thousands of miles away, born of the conflicts millennia old, have forever changed the land. Native Kindred are beset by enemies on all sides, and only the strongest carry on the fight of freedom. Only the bravest can hope to survive. The weak and the cowards die one by one in their dens.