Dark Ages Companion - Episode 115

Bob and Nate discuss the first major supplement for the original Vampire: the Dark Ages line - Dark Ages Companion. This book details some of the unique bloodlines of the Dark Ages, it expands information on the Roads which all Cainites follow, it also gives insight into life in Dark Medieval Europe and various beliefs of the day.
Dark Ages Companion was written by Andrew Bates, Jackie Cassada, Ken Cliffe, Richard Dansky, Robert Hatch, Michael Lee, Nicky Rea, Sion Rodriguez y Gibson, Ethan Skemp, Cynthia Summers, and Fred Yelk. This book was published by White Wolf Publishing on March 29th, 1997.

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Click here to download and help support our show!

Dark Ages Companion
Written by: Various
March 29th, 1997

Welcome to the Long Night, childe. Come and learn the secrets of an ancient race that comes alive after the last rays of sun have fled the sky and that hides in the darkness at the foot of the children's beds. A whole new world lies within, just waiting for to unfold before your unbelieving eyes. Run with the Children of Caine through the moonless nights of Dark Medieval Europe, learn their lore and solve their mysteries – for you have become one of them.

Ready Made Characters/Lore of the Bloodlines - Episode 110

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In this episode, we combine the final two V20 books: Ready Made Characters and Lore of the Bloodlines.
Ready Made Characters brings you a selection of unique and interesting characters from each of the main 13 clans, for use as starting characters or as NPC characters. Additionally, the book includes charts for coteries and ideas for inclusion in your game.
Lore of the Bloodlines continues where Lore of the Clans left off; detailing the rare bloodlines of the World of Darkness. Containing the nine bloodlines of the final nights, including: Baali, Daughters of Cacophony, Harbingers of Skulls, Kiasyd (settle down, Ian), Nagaraja, Salubri, Samedi and True Brujah. Additionally, you’ll find a wide variety of powers, disciplines, merits and flaws, and a ton of other tasty bits about these Vampire: the Masquerade bloodlines (not to be confused with the video game).

Ready Made Characters was written by Matthew Dawkins and produced by Eddy Webb. It was Published July 6th, 2016 for Onyx Path Publishing.
Lore of the Bloodlines was written by Matthew Dawkins, Eloy Lasanta, Andrew Peregrine, Neall Raemonn Price, Eddy Webb, and Rob Wieland. It was published April 26th, 2017 for Onyx Path Publishing.

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Click here to purchase via DriveThruRPG and help the show!

V20 Ready Made Characters
Written by: Matthew Dawkins
July 6th, 2016

Running a one-night game of 
Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition? Wanting to start up a new chronicle, but your players aren't sure what to play? Looking for some examples of how to use the material in Lore of the Clans?

Thanks to our generous Kickstarter backers, these thirteen ready-made characters cover each of the vampire Clans. Each character is provided with background, roleplay suggestions, art, and some potential coteries and plot hooks — everything you need to start your endless nights as one of the Kindred.

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Click here to purchase via DriveThruRPG and help our show!

Lore of the Bloodlines
Written by: Various
April 26th, 2017
The Clans are not the only vampires that strut, if I might steal from the Bard, upon this great stage of fools. There are the errant Kindred inaccurately collected under the sobriquet of "bloodlines." While their role in the eternal conflict between the childer of Caine is small, it is often incredibly impactful.

As such, I provide this corollary to my original study. It would be the work of several lifetimes to find and document every tiny aberration or fleeting dead end that constitutes a variation from one of the thirteen. Instead, I have focused on nine that I know for certain have an impact in our little culture war of the dead. From the brain-washed abominations of Tremere magic to vampires twisted by demonic will to the remnants of Clans long thought dead, each of these so-called “bloodlines” have their place in society. There is no larger picture for them — for us — to be a part of. Here on the fringes, each vampire’s experience is unique.

Clanbook: Tremere - Episode 26

In this episode, we dig deep into the history of the most distrusted and feared of Camarilla Clans with Clanbook: Tremere. 
"Clan Tremere is the second youngest of the vampiric clans, having just come into existence during the dark ages. In the little time since then they have made incredible inroads within vampiric society and are arguably the most powerful clan in the modern nights. This is due in no small part to their strict hierarchy, secretive nature, and mastery of Thaumaturgy, all of which elicit suspicion, fear, and respect from other Cainites. The Warlocks stand as a pillar of the Camarilla and are one of its main defenders, despite the fact that they exist almost as a subsect. Some even go so far as to consider themselves the evolution of vampirism, citing their extreme versatility of blood magic and lack of a true clan curse. The Final Nights have many things in store for the Tremere, however, and the more powerful they grow, the more their enemies gather - and in their bid for power, the Tremere have accumulated more enemies than most."

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Click here to purchase at DrivethruRPG and help support the show, or click the link below to purchase at Amazon.com 

Clanbook: Tremere
May 13th, 1994
Written by: Keith Herber

Majesty and mystery - the two words are synonymous with the word "Tremere." Born of murder and greed, created for power and destruction, they are the most feared of the Camarilla clans. they are also the clan with the most to fear, for their enemies are everywhere, especially within their own ranks.