Transylvania Chronicles I - Episode 123

In this episode, Nate and Bob discuss the first of the Transylvania Chronicles. The Transylvania Chronicles are a four-part chronicle that puts your players in formative roles in the events of Cainite history. From the formation of the Tremere clan to the creation of the Camarilla and Sabbat, to the war against the demon, Kapala, you’ll stand against the tide of destiny and the final nights.

Transylvania Chronicles I: Dark Tides Rising was written by Brian Campbell and Nicky Rea published Feb. 1st, 1998 by White Wolf Publishing.

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Transylvania Chronicles I: Dark Tides Rising
Written by: Brian Campbell and Nicky Rea
Feb. 1st, 1998

Born of Darkness

Saulot has fallen, and to what end? The demon Kupala rages in his ancestral home at whose behest? Beneath the dead soil of Transylvania pulses an undying heart, but for how long? The prophecies of Gehenna are coming to fruition in the Dark Medieval world. Only those who would defy destiny itself can stem the dark tide of the final nights

V20 Companion - Episode 96

In this episode, Nate and Bob review the V20 Companion. This book expands upon the elements talked about in the V20 core material, including information on vampiric titles, status and prestation, and locations in the World of Darkness. This book was written by Justin Achilli and Eddy Webb for White Wolf Game Studios and published by Onyx Path Publishing on August 23rd, 2012.

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V20 Companion
Written by: Justin Achilli, Eddy Webb
August 23rd, 2012

Can a Prince command a Priscus?
How have the Anarchs fared during the modern nights?
Can the Harpies declare a boon null?
These questions and more secret details of the Kindred condition have their answers within the V20 Companion. A complementary sourcebook detailing some of the finer points of being undead, this is the first supplement released in support of the 20th anniversary edition of Vampire: The Masquerade.