The hunters Hunted II - Episode 101

In this episode, we return to our regularly scheduled program with our review of Hunters Hunted II! This book is an update and continuation of the classic first edition of the Hunters Hunted. If you ever wanted to play one of the mortals that hunts the supernatural denizens of the World of Darkness, this is the sourcebook for you. This book is a wealth of resources about mortal hunters, containing everything from new merits and backgrounds, to strange psychic powers and Numina.

This book was written by Justin Achilli, Jason Andrew, Martin Henley, Matthew McFarland, and Matthew Sanderson with first edition material written by Bill Bridges and released July 17th, 2013 for Onyx Path Publishing.

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The Hunters Hunted II
Written by: Justin Achilli, Jason Andrew, Martin Henley, Matthew McFarland, and Matthew Sanderson
July 17th, 2013

Most mortals turn away from the darkness that preys upon them, going about their lives in despair of the Damned and the evils they visit upon the world. But a precious few wage a personal war to shine light on those shadows and diminish them, like solitary candles shining in the night. The path of the hunter is lonely and fraught with danger, at once beset by the monsters they hunt and looked upon with suspicion by their fellow mortals they thanklessly seek to protect.

The Inquisition - Episode 32

In a return to our conventional review style, we comb over the secrets hidden within The Inquisition. This detailed and rather large sourcebook reveals the Society of Leopold, who continue the medieval inquisition in the modern day. This book is the first of five books released under the "Year of the Hunter" theme, which focused mortals and their interactions with the denizens of the World of Darkness. 

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The Inquisition
July, 1995
Written by: James Estes

While young vampires may scoff at the mortals who hunt them, their elders remember a time when robed monks rode from haven to haven, using the twin weapons of fire and faith to destroy the undead.

But the Inquisition did not die in those dark ages. Its soldiers still roam the earth and the Damned fear it more than any other group of mortals. Begin your search for those elusive spirits known as the Restless Dead.

The Hunters Hunted - Episode 8

Welcome back, everyone! Just a quick thanks to new fans and listeners who've recently discovered us, or have shared our podcast with your friends and family! We appreciate you very much! Anyways....  

The Hunters Hunted - 1992
Written by: Bill Bridges



Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold...
Until now it has been the Vampire who stalked the cities, feasting at will from any they desired. Confident in their Masquerade, sure no mortal could threaten their rule, they have walked without fear. But now their nights are numbered.
Eat Napalm Corpse!
The Hunters' hour has come! Add to your Vampire Chronicle with fully detailed hunters, ready and waiting to put your players to the torch. Or better yet, begin a hunters Chronicle, with the characters facing off against the horror of the Undead. for no other foe is as well detailed as the Kindred of Vampire.