What is the Curse of Caine?

In this context, the Curse of Caine is an online, table-top style, role-playing experience. In an attempt to bring something fun, immersive and faithful to Vampire: the Masquerade to our listening community, we've decided to facilitate an online Classic World of Darkness game. We have invited players from all over the world to participate in this unique event.

So what is it?
Using the free team-chat program, Discord, we are able to bring dozens of people together, using both voice and text, at their availability. We will use this platform to replicate both table-top style V:tM, as well as some aspects of LARP.
Because the game uses Discord, players are able to jump on, roleplay and interact with storytellers and players using their computer or smart device, all at their own pace. The game staff will host special events for players to schedule specific time around, but will have staff online day and night to assist players for most activates.

Are there requirements for my time, as a player?
No. As a patron, you set your time. If you want to play two hours a night or two hours a week, that's totally up to you. Provided you feel like you're getting your money's worth - awesome! We will schedule events in advance so that you can plan around when the Storytellers will be online. If you want to hand out and roleplay all day long, you can do that, too.

Are their requirements for me to play?
Yes. We do required a monthly pledge of $15 to our Patreon in order to play. This game is a reward to our patrons. IF you like our podcast, and want to take advantage of this game, go ahead and join the club.

Do I need previous experience playing Vampire: the Masquerade?
No. All we ask is that you have a serious desire to play a serious game. We are very heavily roleplay-centric storytellers. If you're into power gaming, stats and broken characters, you can keep it moving on down the line. We don't have a problem with that kind of gaming, it's just not what we want in our game. Having said that, you should make sure that if you want to play something outside of the standard Camarilla 7, you've read and are knowledgeable on pertinent setting information. In other words, if you've never played a Follower of Set, you should probably read the Clanbook.

If you like 25 Years of Vampire: the Masquerade and want to participate, head on over to our Patreon site or our Discord and shoot us a line.


What books are you using for your game?
Generally speaking, we are using V:20 editions of the game. In some situations, we will also be using revised edition books when needed (clanbooks, specific sect books, etc.) Any clarification can be asked and resolved during your character creation interview.

What merits are allowed?
So far, any merits or flaws from revised or V:20 are permitted. During the approval process, if anything comes up that does not make sense to us, we will address it with you.

Is it an always night game? If not what time zone are we working on?
Technically, yes, it is always night. It is always night until it is not. Meaning, if something were to happen involving your character during the day, we will handle that accordingly. Due to the varied locations of our players, it only makes sense to handle daytime in this way.

What clan/bloodlines are allowed? Is there a cap to clan/bloodline?
All standard clans are allowed. Camarilla, Sabbat and Anarch sects are permitted. Currently, we are not permitting Baali, Blood Brothers, Daughters of Cacophony/Sons of Discord,  Harbingers of Skulls, Kiasyd, Nagaraja, True Brujah, Ahrimanes, Anda, Cappadocians, Children of Osiris, Lamia, Lhiannan, and Noiad.
At this time, we have special restriction on the following clans: Assamite, Follower of Set and Ravnos. These three clans will require an interview with the staff on clan-specific content before we will approve characters from these clans. 

Are there house rules? If so what are they?
At this time, the only house rule we have revolves around character death. We permit roleplay and interaction with other characters, even if there aren't staff members present. This will include use of powers and even combat. The one caveat to that is, any time a scene could possibly result in a character death, a staff member must be involved. 
Additionally, there will be times when a staff member may make a rules call or deviate from the rules during a particular scene. If this occurs, it will always be for the purposes of the story or particular scene. We request that if you have an issue with a particular call that staff makes, it is done in a private setting.

What is the setting, geographic location, era?
This game takes place during current day in Los Angeles, CA. The setting is the current Anarch Free States, modernized by the staff to reflect our ideas of the current political situation in Los Angeles.