Audio Production - Radio Spots

Here's a quick sample of some of the voice work I've done as part of my internship. 

This is a 30 second spot I recorded for air-play on 95.9 The River WERV for Ultimate Remodelers. 

These are a series of dry reads I've done for Albertson's Jewel. They've played on various Diggity radio stations. 

Voice and Audio Production Demo

Here's my voice and audio production demo I've put together from some of my favorite spots and interviews I've recorded. I've tried to display both my professional voice skills, my abilities with Adobe Audition, as well as my ever-present sense of humor. The demo is meant to emulate the sound of someone changing stations on the radio. Enjoy! 

Sports Turds

My first example at writing a sports update. I know nothing about, nor do I care for sports. Since I think sports are boring and I lack even the most basic of interests, I opted to write a comedic take on the sports update. This video uses the main theme from Chrono Trigger as the sound bed, and contains elements from Caddy Shack, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, as well as other YouTube videos. 

More Recent Voice Work!!!

Here are some more recent voice-overs I've done in class. Nutrition Discounters is a two-voice project where I did both voices, wrote the copy and did all the audio production. ABC Collections is a Single voice project that I did all the production work on. Naraccorte Charters is a two-voice project featuring myself and Lee Saldana. I did the audio production on that as well. 

Heartland Steaks

60 second two voice spot for Heartland Steaks. I supplied both voices, wrote the copy, made the music bed and supplied sound effects. 

Hartland Steaks dot com

Texan voice: If you thought good steaks only came from texas, I’ll tell you, ain’t nothin’ better than a heartland steak.

Chicago voice: Dat’s right. Chicago is the real home of great beef. You’ll never find a better steak than in Chicago. Chicago’s own Heartland Steaks are Certified Angus beef. They’re the tastiest, most tender steaks available.

Texan voice: Heartland Steaks makes it easy to get great beef, whether you’re in Chicago, Texas or Portland, Maine. Just visit – www dot heartland steaks dot com today and get 15% off on all regularly priced items.

Chicago voice: You can even order gift packages and have them shipped anywhere in the US. Every order comes with the heartland steaks dot com 100% heartland steak guarantee.

Texan voice: Skip the trip to Texas and go to Chicago’s own Heartland Steaks dot com or call 1-800-365-5502

Chicago voice: Dat’s 1-800-365-5502 for Chicago’s Heartland Steaks.