Creative kind shit

So, being less than two weeks out from Gen Con, it's the perfect time to start working on some props for next year. Yes, we are already working on the game for 2015, and in fact, we were back on the grind Monday morning after the Con.

Anyways, we have a lot of ideas for more physical and visual props, which we will continue to work on throughout the year. Unfortunately, I only have two very basic images, just as a tease. 

Image number one is just a sample of some paper aging effects I've been trying out. 

A little bit of coffee and baking adds a nice effect. 

The following picture is a sample of a page from something occult. Exactly what that means, I can't say. 

Work in progress. Much more to come. 

Without giving anything away, the hope is to have a ton of stuff for the players to actually hold and look at and manipulate. Hope you guys are as excited for 2015 as we are. 

That's it for tonight. 

toodle pip