Commercial Projects for School

Included are three Commercials I had to produce for class, based on pre-written material. I had to record vocals, include a sound bed and a sound effect. Also, I've included a script for a commercial I had to write myself - Audio to come, next week. 

Filter Fresh Coffee Systems
Ugh, what’s with this mess all over the break room? There’s cream on the floor, coffee grounds on the counter and we’re out of filters. Someone here should call FILTER FRESH COFFEE SYSTEM so we can have great coffee at the office with a touch of a button. Filter fresh has systems for every size work place – No Pots, No filters, no mess. All you do is press a button. Filter fresh has the latest in individual cup coffee systems, including Keurig and Starbucks interactive brewer. Filter fresh serves 100% Arabica coffees, both in Regular and decaf, as well as gourmet coffee blends from Van OOOT, coffee roasters, Starbucks, Green Mountain and more; all you do is press a button! For the folks who don’t like coffee, Filter Fresh Coffee System also supplies teas, sodas, juice, paper goods and more! So call Filter Fresh Coffee System @847-699-6040 that’s 847-699-6040 Filter Fresh Coffee System – “Great coffee at work without the mess!”