Heartland Steaks

60 second two voice spot for Heartland Steaks. I supplied both voices, wrote the copy, made the music bed and supplied sound effects. 

Hartland Steaks dot com

Texan voice: If you thought good steaks only came from texas, I’ll tell you, ain’t nothin’ better than a heartland steak.

Chicago voice: Dat’s right. Chicago is the real home of great beef. You’ll never find a better steak than in Chicago. Chicago’s own Heartland Steaks are Certified Angus beef. They’re the tastiest, most tender steaks available.

Texan voice: Heartland Steaks makes it easy to get great beef, whether you’re in Chicago, Texas or Portland, Maine. Just visit – www dot heartland steaks dot com today and get 15% off on all regularly priced items.

Chicago voice: You can even order gift packages and have them shipped anywhere in the US. Every order comes with the heartland steaks dot com 100% heartland steak guarantee.

Texan voice: Skip the trip to Texas and go to Chicago’s own Heartland Steaks dot com or call 1-800-365-5502

Chicago voice: Dat’s 1-800-365-5502 for Chicago’s Heartland Steaks.