Sports Turds

My first example at writing a sports update. I know nothing about, nor do I care for sports. Since I think sports are boring and I lack even the most basic of interests, I opted to write a comedic take on the sports update. This video uses the main theme from Chrono Trigger as the sound bed, and contains elements from Caddy Shack, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, as well as other YouTube videos. 

Radio Promos

I've been working on promos for my radio show - "The Metal Mortuary" - and here's a small sample of the latest ones I've produced. These Promos were recorded and edited using Adobe Audition. 

Country Grits is a spoof on a country music radio show. All voices done by the author. 

This track is obviously a spoof of the stereotypical "Morning Zoo" theme.  

A promo I used Featuring a song by Green Jelly. 

This promo features a sample from the 1987 film, "Robocop."

This promo features a sample from the film, "True Romance", featuring Christopher Walken.