My Two Minute Story

One of the first assignments we had to do in class (by the way, I'm going to Broadcasting School) was to write a two minute story and read it in front of the class. We had to go to  Creative Writing Prompts and pick a topic. Mine was, "You hand in your final report before leaving the office and the lights go out." 

Finally, I push myself away from the desk, my prison guard, my warden and walk over to Culver’s desk. I slap the TPS report down in his inbox with a final, fatal thud.

“Here you go, slave driver!” I think to myself as I taste that first shot of Maker’s Mark hit my tongue already. I was supposed to meet Ruby and the crew an hour ago, but Culver insisted that I stay late to get those final reports turned in for the weekend. Of course, I’m too much of a sap to ever say no to my overbearing manager.

I stroll back over to my desk, briskly grab my leather bag and my over-priced Ralph Lauren coat and toss them over my shoulder. The office emits a barely perceptible buzz as I walk through the empty halls. My brain is in shut-down mode as I slide my dangling left hand across the cold, reflective stainless –steel knobs of the locked offices. I fumble with my keys and suddenly there’s a pop as the lights go dim and crackle out completely. I’m suddenly surrounded by blackness. My eyes strain against the darkness as I feel panic creep up the back of my spine. My keys clatter to the floor as I fumble through my coat to find my cell phone. The quiet is deafening.

Somewhere in the distance I can hear a faint alarm klaxon. I’m startled by a sudden banging on the double glass doors ahead of me. In a flash, the emergency lights click on, bathing the hallway in a sickly blue/green light. I bend down to grab my keys as my eyes strain to adjust to the brilliance of the emergency lighting. I can feel the emergency power stir the sleeping equipment in the office as the banging twenty yards ahead of me continues.

“Hello?” I passively inquire.


I shuffle forward; the tension is palpable.


“Hello,” I echo to the phantom knocker at the entrance.

The lights flicker ahead of me. The emergency lights gulping power from the generators hidden somewhere in the dungeon of the building.


The wrapping becomes more intense. I struggle to move forward towards the door.

With a crack, the pane explodes  and I can hear something other than human growling towards the entrance of the building. There’s another crash at the door and I’m screaming, fleeing in the opposite direction. I've lost all control and instinct guides me away from the roar ushering me towards my demise...