Voice and Audio Production Demo

Here's my voice and audio production demo I've put together from some of my favorite spots and interviews I've recorded. I've tried to display both my professional voice skills, my abilities with Adobe Audition, as well as my ever-present sense of humor. The demo is meant to emulate the sound of someone changing stations on the radio. Enjoy! 

More Recent Voice Work!!!

Here are some more recent voice-overs I've done in class. Nutrition Discounters is a two-voice project where I did both voices, wrote the copy and did all the audio production. ABC Collections is a Single voice project that I did all the production work on. Naraccorte Charters is a two-voice project featuring myself and Lee Saldana. I did the audio production on that as well. 

Radio Promos

I've been working on promos for my radio show - "The Metal Mortuary" - and here's a small sample of the latest ones I've produced. These Promos were recorded and edited using Adobe Audition. 

Country Grits is a spoof on a country music radio show. All voices done by the author. 

This track is obviously a spoof of the stereotypical "Morning Zoo" theme.  

A promo I used Featuring a song by Green Jelly. 

This promo features a sample from the 1987 film, "Robocop."

This promo features a sample from the film, "True Romance", featuring Christopher Walken.