Nathan Siever

As a rabid music fan and Metal FANATIC since grade school, Nathan was saddened to learn that he couldn’t make music due to a complete lack of timing, as well as, reflexes befitting a wall. Seeing that contributing to the world of music was out of the question, he’s driven his preternatural lusts for music in the direction of radio.

After enrolling with the Illinois Center for Broadcasting, Nathan has also discovered an intense passion for video and editing, which he hopes to master like Jiro mastered sushi.

With an off-kilter brain full of nonsensical facts and generally unimportant trivia, Nathan has sought to contribute to the cultural climate. His nerd resume starts at about twelve years old when he played his first game of Dungeon’s and Dragons. He’d played video games like Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong well before that, but the true hardline nerd behavior came with table-top gaming.

This was around the same time he started to collect comic books and listen to heavy metal music as well. Since that time, geek culture has helped to inform his personality in so many ways.

Nathan is an avid gamer, film buff, toy collector, music addict, poster enthusiast, book reader, comic nerd and champion of pop-culture. For over 20 years, Nathan’s lived and breathed nerd culture. Now, he hopes to share that enthusiasm with you!