OK, well, I've been at this for about 4 hours now, and I'm pretty much spent for the day. This is what I could readily come up with on the fly, and I'm OK with what you see. I have a bunch of shit to go through and decide if it's worth keeping and posting here, or if it will end up in the virtual trash. I guess we'll see. 

I also want to mention a very important aspect of my personality, for future reference.  

A lot of my writing, blogging and "poetry" can seem very negative. Please take this with a grain of salt. Often times, I find myself most inspired when I'm angry. This does not in any way mean that I'm angry all the time. This just means, I find myself with much more to say when I'm riled up.  

In addition, I am a fan of the macabre. Having said that, you may find a lot of morbid content on this site. I'm not crazy (clinically) and I'm not a Satan worshiper. I express myself in ways that some people wouldn't necessarily agree with, I guess. Take it for what it is. I'm a generally cynical person, but I love life. I use my art to explore all those nasty feelings we all have, but most people are too frightened of to express. 

I love you.