July 29th


It’s been about three weeks since my last Blog update. I offer many apologies for such needless neglect. I’ve been active in creating, regardless of my absence. I added some new stuff on the 17th, but I’ve been working on podcasts and copy since my last update. I’ll be posting a new Nerd Words in the coming days, adding more band pages to the site and I’ll be recording a new Metal Mortuary in the next two or three days. I am going to be making an attempt to write in the blog here at least daily. Stay tuned, please. 

Today, my buddy Chance and I recorded a new Nerd Words. Lee's out on vacation, but he recorded some stuff for me to add on to the show. I haven't heard it yet, so I'm going to listen and then toss it into the recording for the final version of the podcast. We rambled for an hour and a half on table-top and LARP gaming. It's probably entertaining. 

I'm going to be working on a movie fest this weekend. Since I am unable to go to Gen-Con this year, I'm hoping to sit down and record my own "MST3K" style podcast - where I have a bunch of people over to talk shit on terrible movies. We'll see how that works out. I am assembling equipment now, and I hope I can make the idea work.