Link Journalism

Here's a recent class assignment I had to do. Essentially, I had to find three news articles, break them down into two or three paragraphs and rehash them as examples of "Link Journalism". Anyways, these are things in the news today. 

TIANJIN, China -
At least 50 are dead and 71 are injured after a series of massive blasts ripped apart a hazardous goods warehouse in Tianjin’s port area, Wednesday night. Among the dead are 17 firefighters who’d been dispatched to fight the blaze in its infancy.

The cause of blaze and subsequent explosions remains unknown. Media in China have reported that one of the warehouses destroyed by the blast may have contained a number of highly toxic chemicals. More than 1,000 firefighters were dispatched to fight the inferno, which continues to burn more than 36 hours later. 

In a stunning act of foolishness, a man looking to retrieve his lost belongings from a Cedar Point roller coaster was killed on Thursday. Much to the surprise of literally no one but the victim, James A Young II was struck and killed after hopping a fence to into an obviously restricted area.

According to CNN: Sandusky Assistant Police Chief Phil Frost commented, "(Young) jumped over a fence into a restricted area under the Raptor and was looking for his personal belongings. (He) was struck by the Raptor train that was in operation." To his credit, there are no reports of Frost shaking his head and muttering, "Duh.”

Joe Rogan expressed a desire to see more weight classes in the UFC on a recent podcast. The long-time UFC commentator has been a proponent for additional weight classes for some time. With recent drug testing changes hitting the UFC, Rogan has expressed concerns about looming Problems. 

Low Kick MMA  quotes Rogan from his recent Podcast: "I also think the UFC is probably gonna have to add more weight classes eventually, because there’s not enough weight classes. There’s some big gaps – like 185 and 205, that’s a 20 lbs. weight class – that’s a giant gap."