Weekend Update

It's been a busy weekend, for sure! I've recorded 3 podcasts since Thursday and uploaded them to the site. I've made my first real investment in equipment and picked up a Behringer Xenyx 1002B mixer with sexy, sexy pots and dials. It wasn't super expensive, but it gets the damn job done. I've spent most of the weekend recording, mixing and editing audio and uploading it to the site. Check out the results here: PODCASTS.

I'm working on a very tight budget here, so if you like what you hear and you'd like to donate (I hate begging for money), feel free to click on the "Donate" button on the ABOUT page. I'm not making any profit from anything on this site, so if you want to help improve the quality of the shows, feel free to drop a few bucks. Also, if you have a business and you'd like to set up some ad-related exchange, hit me up via email. 
That's my pitch. Moving on. 

Roddy Piper - Wikipedia 

Roddy Piper - Wikipedia 

Friday brought more bad news in the world of Professional Wrestling with the death of my all-time favorite wrestler, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. Roddy Piper is probably the greatest wrestling villain of all-time, and acted in a number of movies and TV shows. Roddy starred in one of my favorite cult sci-fi films, "They Live", which if you haven't seen, you should get your life together.  

Roddy Piper was 61. 

In other news, Ronda Rousey knocked out Bethe Correia in the first round at UFC 190, in 34 seconds, further proving that she's the most dominate fighter in the sport.  Rousey's MMA record is now 12-0, and she remains the UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion. 

The Podcast schedule, in a perfect world, will be twice a week. I'm going to make great efforts to have a new episode up every Monday and Friday. I made a very basic logo for the show, kind of as a placeholder for my iTunes submission. I don't know if it's been accepted yet, but I'll post in the blog here when I find out.