Utility Muffin Discord


Hey folks,

Well, this server has exploded in the last year and a half! It’s incredibly exciting to see how much growth there has been since the inception of our humble, little game. With all the dynamic, unique, and detailed character role play, Curse of Caine is getting even bigger than the LA by Night book.  As a side effect, the server has become unmanageable from a podcast perspective. It has simply become too big to properly reward folks at all patreon tiers and keep them feeling like part of the Utility Muffin Labs community.

The purpose of the game is to offer a reward to our patreon backers, but we also want to build a space for all of our fellow muffins to interact regardless of their level of support. In order to enhance community engagement for all listeners we are going to have two separate servers; one for Curse of Caine and one for Utility Muffin Labs podcasts.

What does this mean? It means, going forward, Curse of Caine will be an invite only server. No worries, we won’t kick anyone out who’s already here – consider this your reward for following us for as long as you have.  The biggest change you’ll notice is that the OOC rooms are going to be phased out. They just won’t be relevant any longer with the new server. As these rooms are slowly trimmed down, it will make traversing the game and storyteller announcements easier for staff and players to follow. 

We assure you this is a necessary and good change for all Muffins, regardless if you are a die-hard CoC player, or a member of the larger podcast community. If you are only interested in the podcasts, you’ll now have a small, navigable server where you can interact with other listeners and podcast staff. If you want to concentrate solely on the Curse of Caine game, you can now avoid the many cumbersome chat channels that have sprung up over the last year. 

In the future, those that support us at the Curse of Caine level on Patreon will still get their invite to the original game server. If you don’t support on this level but are observing the game on the CoC server, that is fine. Be aware that the OOC chat is going away. If you want to engage with the community, then you should go to the Utility Muffin Discord server. Also, if you don’t support at the CoC level and leave the CoC server, you will not be granted an invite to rejoin this server unless you change your Patreon donation to that tier. 

Our goal is to make an open and engaging community where people have access to their rewards and are able to engage with the podcast hosts without having to fork over cash. This new server will be a place to discuss our various podcasts, creations, and the other consistently adequate material you’ve grown to consume regularly. We hope that this step makes all of your experiences with us better and even MORE consistently adequate. 

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.