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The original logo from 2016

The original logo from 2016

We don’t generally blog too often here at the labs. With Discord, all the podcasting and social media, there’s not much that remains unsaid. However, we are finally coming to the finale of the Vampire: the Masquerade line and nearly ready to switch to Dark Ages.

Some things I want to address:
First, we will continue to keep the name VTM25, 25 Years of Vampire: the Masquerade, and any other variant on that line. You won’t need to search for a new podcast or change your RSS feed.
Second, we will go back and review any NEW Vampire: the Masquerade material as it’s released. Think of this as adding a new title to our repertoire and less closing a book on an old one. Some day, we will review all the titles as they come out.
Third, I’ll be working on getting the first nine podcasts back up. Stay tuned.

This is a major step for us. As you may be aware, we are taking a small break to prepare and consume some important material. We are going to be doing some behind-the-scenes equipment adjustments to help (hopefully) improve our overall sound quality. We will be creating some new intro and outro material as well.

We will be back in full force with Nerd Words and doing more RPG reviews, as well as bi-weekly reviews of Storyteller’s Vault material.
Expect us to return the last week of February, 2019 with a ton of new stuff.

Well, here we are. It’s been a very interesting 2 years of podcasts, growth, reading, consuming, and role-playing with some of the coolest, most interesting people you could hope to know.

So, finally, a nod to the people who we’ve met and who’ve supported us since the start:

Jason Carl, Matthew Dawkins, Justin Achilli, B Dave Walters, Dixie Cochran, and everyone at White Wolf and Onyx Path Publishing. You’ve chatted with us, wrote books we love, bled onto the pages for us, and even been on our podcasts. Thank you for sharing your passion with all of us! We know that the waters have been rocky, but you’ve all done your best to keep the boat afloat! For that, we are grateful.
Thanks to Brandon Wood. Your insight helped us more than you’ll ever know.

Thanks to all our Patreon Backers:
A. Jones, Aaron Aardvark, Adam Bysko, Alexis Wolfe, Anders Tibbling, Andrew Dear, Andrew Kempf, Anne Wagner-Stoll, Antti Markkula, Austin Ricketts, Blake Howard, Brandon H, Brena, C. Rustovich, C.T. Phipps, Carrie, Chad Register, Chris Finlay, Chris Recoskie, Chris tyk, Chris Webb, Christof Jacques, Christoffer Hagstrom, Christopher Wong, Crystal Chappelle, Curt Goble, Dakay, Daniel Shorman, Daniel Weber, DantePD, Dead Games Society, delphine colman, Dominick Martino, Donald Weller, Dylan Brannigan, Edward Robert Palmer, Ellen Chattan, Eric Carlson, Eric Lucas, Eric Topp, Ezequiel Loubriel, Go Go Baccala, Greg Collins, Gremlin, Heather Rossmann, Henrique Hoffmann, Herbert Gilberto Villon Sanchez, Hrafn Raudi, Havard Skjevling,  Ian A Cannon, Ian Hammon-Hogan, Ira Grace, Isaac H. Page, J. M., James Mackinder, James Sweetland, Jason MacKeen, John Felts, Jon Sprang, Jonathan Arend, Joost Vervoort, Jordan Beall, Jordan Etherington, Jordan Hawkings, Joseph West, Joshua Chapa, Josie Siino, Juanita Nesbitt, Justin Jones, Justin Kean, kaine fenton, Kelly Jacobson,  Kevin J. Parker, Kumena, Lacey Anglin, Larry Determan, Lee Morrissey, Lukas Ascher, Marcel Fontanez, Marcelo Gusmao, matt botts, Matthew "The Gentleman Gamer" Dawkins, Matthew Lindsay Payne, Maxime Boucher, Michael 'Bubba' Snapp Michael Bourbon, Michael Brosens, Michael Moore, Moa Bath, Mr. Adelaide, Narcie Ferreira, Nicholas Muehlenweg, Nicholas r Alongi, Nick Cler, Patrick Meehan, Patrick Sandoval, Paul Duckmanton, Phil Clark, Phil Lazzari, Pim Tournaye, Podcast by Night, Rachel M Richardson, Raef Gall, Rippir, Rob Allison, Robert Ruggles, Ryan Neff,  Sam Damon, Shawn Johnson, Spiros Lukas, Soren Hjorth, Tandy Moore, Thomas Douglas, Thomas Flores, tim walker, Tony McMahon, Walter Cardinal, Will Crosswhite, william carson, William West, Wilson MacGyver, Yves Cambron, Zachary Kelsey…

Thanks, PaytheIronPrice. You are an eternal pain in the ass hiding what just might be a stellar human with heart, passion, and loyalty.
Thanks to Santiago Crespo. Your encyclopedic knowledge of this game and setting has constantly kept us on our toes.
Thank you to Matt Webb and Jackalope LARP for all their support and hard work in 2018.
Thank you to everyone we’ve ever LARP’ed with. Good or bad, every character played (and every character playing it) has inspired us, forever.
Thanks to One World by Night, Holly Race, Tyler Ortmeier, Ian, Curt, Mallery, Chris, Jason, and everyone at Stars Never Rise. You all rule. Thanks for letting me talk about this at game.

Thank you to all the other podcasts out there doing what we do or doing something similar. Thanks to Chris, Andrew and the entire Twin Cities by Night crew, Podcast by Night, Dead Games Society, Darker Days Radio, Midnight Express and every other podcast in the genre. Thank you for any kind words you’ve said about us or with us!

Thanks to all White Wolf and Onyx Path fan groups on Facebook for letting us spam our episodes every week!
Thanks to Josh Heath and his obsession with gaming, inclusion, and all things World of Darkness. Thank you to every Discord group and fan page for letting us occupy the same space!
Chris Zac. You get two for cold brew and Ju Jitsu.
Thank you to every Storytellers Vault author for keeping the game vibrant and expansive. You are bringing interest to the game through your imagination and creativity!
Thank you to every person who came back to tell their story after hearing our podcast. You took the risk to sit at a table and tell your story.
I could go on forever.
However, this isn’t the end. This is the beginning.
Welcome to chapter two…
VTM25: Dark Ages, coming soon!